Frequently asked questions about Juan Del Sur

Last updated on 11/02/2024
What are the services offered by Chabad of Juan Del Sur Nicaragua?
Chabad house services: Traveler center, Friday night meals, Shabbat meals, Kosher prepared food for Shabbat, Weekday prayers, Shabbat prayers
Do you have any recommendations for Hebrew-speaking drivers in Juan Del Sur Nicaragua?
At what time can you put on tefillin in Juan Del Sur ? What time does the sun set? When does Shabbat start?
Is there a Mikveh in Juan Del Sur
Are there kosher restaurants in Juan Del Sur ?
Where can I eat Shabbat and holiday meals in Juan Del Sur Nicaragua?
Chabad house holds Shabbat and holiday meals upon prior registration, we would be delighted for you to join us register here
When does the Shabbat/holiday begin in Juan Del Sur Nicaragua
The upcoming Shabbat, Parshat Behaalotecha (21-22/06/2024)
Shabbat begins: 17:51, Shabbat ends: 18:44
Is there an Eruv in Juan Del Sur Nicaragua?
There is no Eruv in Juan Del Sur
Which hotels are close to the Chabad house?
Which hotels are suitable for Shabbat?
What is there to do in Juan Del Sur ?
In Juan Del Sur there is a wide variety of attractions, list of recommended attractions
How long has the Chabad house in Nicaragua existed?

The Chabad home in the town of S. Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, has been managed by Rabbi David and Hani Atar since 2012.

The Chabad House was opened to answer every need for the Jews who live and travel here.

The purpose of the Chabad House is to give a Jew his own home in the diaspora.
A physical home with its physical needs such as kosher food, religious services and more
And of course a spiritual home, an answer to the soul, Torah lessons, Israeli holidays, Shabbat, mikveh, and everything a Jewish soul needs

What is a Chabad house?

Beit Chabad is a Jewish center
It is where the activities of the emissaries, Chabad Chassidim, emissaries of the Lubavitcher Rebbe are carried out who are sent to places where there are Jews in order to establish a Jewish community infrastructure or to strengthen the existing institutions.
Chabad houses were first established in the 1950s.
Each Chabad house has a manager-emissary, who is in charge of the organizational and financial part of the Chabad house.
Usually, there are other institutions under the management of the Chabad house, such as synagogues, mikvahs, schools and midrashes, holy utensils and kosher food stores, charity centers and more.

A bit of history

The first Chabad center in the world was established by Rabbi Shlomo Kunin at the University of Los Angeles in California.
The first "Chabad House" in Israel was established by Rabbi Zamroni Tzik in the city of Bat Yam [yes, there are also Chabad houses in Israel...].
Today, around 3,000 Chabad houses operate around the world, managed by around 5,000 chaplains.

The term "Beit Chabad" was coined by the Lubavitcher Rebbe in the 1980s and since then it has become synonymous with Chabad branches in the world.

The umbrella organization of the Chabad houses in Israel is the youth of the Chabad Association, which assists the missionaries in their day-to-day activities, mainly in supplying necessary products at a subsidized price and in counseling and guidance.
In the United States and around the world, Chabad houses operate under the management of the Center for Educational Affairs.

The purpose of the Chabad houses, as defined by their founder - the Lubavitcher Rebbe, is to be "a house where Torah, prayer, and charity are cultivated", to help every Jew wherever he is, both in religious and spiritual matters and in various needs.

In Iyer 2012, the Rebbe confirmed in response to the question of the messenger Rabbi David Eliezari from Florida that his Holiness's opinion is that the main emphasis in the actions of the director of the Chabad house these days should be on matters of redemption and Messiah and rejected the explanation that the actions on matters of Messiah will only be done as part of the other activities of the Chabad house.

All of us pray that we will be able to perform the last actions today, and be brought to complete redemption by the Rebbe the Messiah today.

Who finances the Chabad House?

Did you know?!

Chabad houses in the world are not financed by any organization of one kind or another.
Chabad houses around the world are run solely by the money given to the Chabad house fund, from their own money and the donations of amazing people who know and feel how important the activities of Chabad houses around the world are for them and for all the Jews in the world.

Rabbi David and Hani Atar run the activities at Beit Chabad Nicaragua without any funding body, and without any direct salary given to them by a certain organization, all in full dedication for the sake of the people of Israel.

You can be the good people who support the greatness of Chabad Nicaragua in the diaspora.

Take part, be partners with us and with all our blessed work

for donations click here

Many thanks in advance, Rabbi David and Hani Atar - Chabad Nicaragua

Is there another Chabad house in Nicaragua?

No (:

The Juan del Sur Chabad House is the only Chabad House in all of Nicaragua.