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Time in Juan Del Sur 08:41
Coin Nicaragua Cordoba C$
Time in Juan Del Sur 08:41
Coin Nicaragua Cordoba C$
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Nicaragua is a unique and diverse country, which many are not familiar with enough. It offers a wonderful combination of volcanoes, rich nature, and magical beaches. In Nicaragua, there are no less than 53 volcanoes, some of which are still active! A rare phenomenon in the world. The thick, green vegetation creates stunning landscapes. Clear blue waters and white sandy beaches complete the experience.

San Juan del Sur – A Tourist Gem

San Juan del Sur is a small and charming town in Nicaragua, located near wonderful beaches. The town serves as a great starting point for trips and attractions in the area. You can enjoy breathtaking views, private beaches, and a rural-touristic atmosphere.

How to get to us?

There are several options to get to the Chabad House in San Juan del Sur:

By Air:

You can fly directly to the international airport of Managua, the capital of Nicaragua (MGA). There are daily flights from New York and Miami. Another option is to land at the airport in Liberia, Costa Rica (LIR) and then take a taxi to the Costa Rica-Nicaragua border at PENAS BLANCAS and continue with another taxi to San Juan del Sur. We recommend the professional and reliable transportation service TSO for the journey from Liberia to San Juan del Sur.

By Land:

You can take a direct shuttle from Antigua, Guatemala to Leon in northern Nicaragua. The shuttle reservation is made through Chabad House Antigua. There are direct bus services from San Jose, Costa Rica to Nicaragua operated by Tica Bus and Nica Bus. You can also travel independently with public buses from Liberia, Costa Rica to the border at Peñas Blancas, and then continue with taxis or buses to San Juan del Sur.

Local Currency

In Nicaragua, you can pay in both the local currency, Cordoba, and US dollars. The exchange rate of the Cordoba against foreign currencies, such as the Shekel and the dollar, changes frequently, so it is recommended to check the current exchange rate before traveling or upon arrival in Nicaragua.

Withdrawing Cash

To withdraw cash without fees, we recommend the following options:

Visa Cards – You can withdraw without a fee at the purple ATM of Super Express network.
Mastercard – You can withdraw without a fee at BAC bank branches.


Nicaragua has a warm and humid climate all year round. The average temperature ranges between 25-30 degrees Celsius. The rainy season lasts from May to November, with peak rainfall occurring between September and October. Rain usually falls in the afternoons and lasts for a relatively short time. However, there might be entire days without rain or weeks with more frequent rainfalls. Although the rains might slightly disrupt travel plans, they create a special green and blooming landscape and a pleasant tropical atmosphere. It’s recommended to be prepared and wear light and comfortable clothes.

Transportation in Nicaragua

There are several options for traveling around Nicaragua:

Private shuttles

Can be booked through hostels.

Direct taxis

Car rental

Reliable and recommended companies:


We recommend avoiding car rentals from unknown or dubious companies as there have been past complaints about overcharging Israelis. It’s preferable to choose a well-known rental company and ensure full insurance coverage in case of accident or damage. While insurance might be more expensive, it’s worth the peace of mind and avoids unexpected costs.

Public Transportation

Local public buses (“Chicken Bus”) are cheap, but patience and flexibility in schedule are required.

Please note! In public transportation “Chicken Bus” and local vans, tariffs are usually indicated on the vehicle window. Local drivers might charge a little extra for luggage. It’s customary and okay.


There are several recommended laundry options in San Juan:

  • Sonia Laundry – Across from the Chabad House, reliable service.
  • Laundry across from Casa Oro with an Israeli flag (visible from a distance) – Likes Israelis.
  • Gabi’s Laundry – Quality laundry service with a dryer, the clothes come out with a pleasant scent, close to the Royal Chateau hotel – Slightly more expensive than other laundries.


The recommended gyms in San Juan:

  • Fight Club Gym – Next to the Royal Chateau hotel, half a block up, opposite the direction of the sea.
  • Gymsito – Next to the Doxy Surf shop, facing the sea.
  • Move Viva Fitness – New and impressive.

You can purchase a one-time entry ticket or a subscription. Details at the reception.

Shabbat in Juan Del Sur

There is no Eruv in the city Juan Del Sur


Albero Navarro regular taxi up to 4 people
Shuttle driver - large and small vehicles of all sizes Marlon Solis
Van driver 15 people