*The event takes place weekly on the following days: Sunday At 08:30, Monday At 08:30, Tuesday At 08:30, Wednesday At 08:30, Thursday At 08:30, Friday At 08:30, Shabbat At 09:30

*The event takes place every week on the following days: Sunday at 08:30, Monday at 08:30, Tuesday at 08:30, Wednesday at 08:30, Thursday at 08:30, Friday at 08:30, Saturday at 09:30
We start every morning with a study of Hasidism and a way of life in our Hashem service.

An atmospheric lesson accompanied by coffee and cake alongside.

We will be happy to open our mornings with you together with experiential and fun learning.

Upcoming event:
Wednesday 19/06/2024
Frente de la casa de la cerámica, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua