*The event takes place weekly during the day Friday At 21:30

The event takes place every week on Friday at 21:30
Shabbat Kodesh is the special time to indulge in delicious food and of course also give food for the soul.

Our souls thirst for the words of the living God, and this can be given to her through a Hasidic meeting.

We here at the Nicaragua Chabad house hold a meeting immediately after the Friday night meal.

We will all sit down, talk about the special and Hasidic dates that happened during the week, talk about insights into life in the light of Hasidism, and make good decisions together, because we all want to do something good and meaningful in life

Waiting to meet together with you!

Upcoming event:
Friday 21/06/2024
Frente de la casa de la cerámica, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua