*The event takes place weekly during the day Friday At 09:30

The mitzvah of parsha challah is one of the 613 mitzvahs the Israelites were commanded to follow, but it is one of the three special mitzvahs for women and girls (the other mitzvahs are the lighting of Shabbat and holiday candles and the laws of family purity). For hundreds of years, while baking and preparing dough for bread for their families, Jewish women separated challah from the dough.

These days, after the destruction of the Temple, the priests are not in the state of maximum purity and therefore cannot be given the challah. However, we continue to set aside the challah out of anticipation and hope that the temple will be rebuilt and built very soon.

The part of the secreted dough is not used but burned.

Every Friday we will gather all the girls and women in the area for this unique and imaginative mitzvah, a very special time to ask for requests and be blessed in whatever we ask for.

Waiting for you at the Chabad house - Hani

Upcoming event:
Friday 21/06/2024
Frente de la casa de la cerámica, San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua