Hakilio is an amazing and almost unvisited place in the Chinandega region in southwestern Nicaragua.
It is a beautiful local village, where you can sleep in hostels on the beach. The place is charming, quiet, relaxing and interesting. Every day before sunset, most of the villagers arrive to help all the fishermen push their boats into the sea, a beautiful authentic sight. The fishermen in this area fish at night, probably due to the higher productivity, they return at sunrise. So you are in the area and looking for the sea and the calm of Hakilio this is the place.

Rancho Esperanza
The hostel was established by a guy named Nate, an American who came to volunteer in Nicaragua, has lived there for over a decade, with the community, and decided to establish a hostel. The hostel still contributes to the community, and initiates afternoon classes every day, for those who wish to join the Hakili community. There is also the option of volunteering at the hostel working with the children in the afternoon. The hostel is full of hammocks, board games, books, guitars, and everything you need to relax. He provides tours in the area, surfing lessons and a variety of other activities, definitely worth it. This is the most successful hostel in the area and almost the only one. The hostel has simple dorms to double cabins. The price for dorms just costs 8 dollars per night.
Phone: 505-8-8791795

Transportation and orientation
Getting to Hikilio is not complicated and you arrive via Leon. From Leon take a shuttle from the central station to Chinandega which costs about 25 córdobas, from Chinandega take a taxi to Mercadito, another bus station, the taxi costs about 10 córdobas. And from there you take another trip that costs around 25 cordobas.

This place is located outside of Juan Del Sur