Laguna de Apoyo Laguna de Apoyo
This is an amazing lagoon in the mouth of a volcano, a beautiful place that simply must not be missed! If you are in Granada this is the first and most important attraction of all.
The water of the lagoon is really clear and it is excellent for swimming and even diving. The variety of animals in the area is huge and everything is pastoral green and full of beautiful vegetation, it is not for nothing that the place is considered one of the most beautiful in Nicaragua.
Travelers usually come here for a day or two and just rest and relax, you can also kayak, lie on a beach mattress, swim, dive, throw yourself in a hammock and at night sleep in one of the B&Bs or in the farm house (a large cabin)
or in the cabins of the Monkey Hut or they also take organized shuttles here, The trip here is short and takes about half an hour and there is also a bus from Granada.
And one more thing about staying in Laguna, most travelers take shuttles from Granada and come to Laguna only for a few hours, but it's really worth coming here for a few days. A taxi from Granada should cost about $10 (daytime).

Centro Cultural
A homely and charming guesthouse run by an American girl who grew up there. Private rooms $15 per person or dorms $7.50 per person. A private cabin costs $45 for two people, or $50 for three. The place is clean and there is an excellent cook, free coffee and water. They give free kayaks, they have birding tours, and they organize diving in the lake, and you can even take a diving course here.
In addition, there is a volunteering program with children (minimum commitment for three weeks).

This place is located outside of Juan del Sur

This place is located outside of Juan Del Sur