Cerro Negro is one of the youngest volcanoes in the world.
It is an active volcano, whose slopes are covered with black volcanic sand.
This sand makes the mountain particularly popular among thrill-seeking travelers, who take advantage of the mountain's natural data to slide sand at dizzying speeds of up to 100 km/h.

It is one of the best volcanic surfing sites in the world and is on the dream list of many adventurous travelers.

Cerro Negro is a volcano in the Cordillera de los Maribios mountain range in the province of Leon in Nicaragua, about 10 kilometers south of the town of Malpaisillo.
The volcano was created in April 1850, and is therefore the youngest volcano in Central America.
The mountain is an ash cone built of basaltic gravel, whose dark color that stands in contrast to the lush green mountain slopes around it contributed to its name, which means black mountain

Volcán Cerro Negro
is an active volcano, beautiful, unique and very easy to visit. This volcano first erupted in 1850, and since then has erupted 23 times, making it the most active volcano in Nicaragua. A visit to Cerro Negro seems like a visit to another planet: there is almost no vegetation on the mountain, the lava flows are visible around the mountain, and you can go down to the active crater.
The attraction that attracts many travelers here is climbing the mountain and descending from it by surfing on a board, an exciting and fun experience that is not to be missed. The climb takes about 40 minutes. They will dress you in orange suits and goggles and you will slide quickly down the mountain with a lovely view in front of you.
Sand skiing in Cerro Negro
is without a doubt a unique attraction for Leon, it is the only active volcano in the world whose slopes can be skied. This is definitely an unforgettable experience, no previous experience is required. The view from the top is spectacular, skiers down with special suits, they measure everyone's speed and have a competition. Several companies offer sand skiing in Cerro Negro: Sonati, Quetzal trekkers, Big foot, Va Pues and Tierra tours. This is a half-day tour, prices range from $29 to $31, the companies provide the equipment for surfing and private transportation. You can pay extra for carrying the surfboard.

Trek to Cerro Negro: Cerro Negro can also be visited on a half-day trip, which is 12 km long. It is a relatively easy trip, where black volcanic dunes are crossed before reaching Cerro Negro. Those who choose this option descend the mountain by running on a steep and sandy slope. SONATI Quetzal trekkers offer this option.

The mountain is located in the northern region of Nicaragua, near the northern town of Leon.
From one of the famous hostels called BIG FOOT you can go on a sandsurfing tour on this amazing volcano.

Enjoy and take care of yourself

This place is located outside of Juan Del Sur