Omega Park is definitely one of the very interesting experiences worth doing.

The omegas are located at the top of the mountain near the Juan del Sur, the site of the Omegas has 16 different cables of different sizes, some of which can even be done lying down like Superman, you have to reach the site independently and from there they take you to the top of the mountain with rangers.
Sometimes they provide a tax collection service. Juan by prior arrangement and with additional money.

The experience and the combination between exers and beautiful views is definitely not worth missing.

You can also see animals such as monkeys, sloths, special birds and more

When you arrive at the site, tell Gustavo that you arrived through the Havd house and thus you will be entitled to receive a 5% discount on everything you do in the park

The park itself is called Parque de Aventura Las Nubes

Highly recommended for an experiential and fun day.
have fun