Surfing on waves

Undoubtedly one of the most talked about attractions is surfing.
Surfing on waves is an experience that is very much worth trying if you don't already surf.

In the area of ​​S. Juan has many beaches that are designed for surfing

Surfing beaches in the area

Playa Madras

A beach that almost all year round has good waves for surfing, many of the tourists go there for a whole day to surf.
The beach itself is full of surfers, and there you can take surfing lessons and rent surfboards.
The cost of traveling to the beaches is generally $6 round trip.
A surfing lesson including a surfboard for the day costs approximately $25 per person

There are surf instructors who pick you up from the hotel with a car, bring you a surfboard, and teach you all this at a cost of about $25 per person. The price may vary depending on the number of people and may become more expensive depending on the number of people.

Playa Armosa
is an excellent beach for surfing, and a very nice beach to sit with a cold beer.

As above, you go there with shuttles or taxis that can be booked in advance from one of the hotels you sleep there.
If you sleep at the Royal Chateau, you can ask Hilario on the receipt to order a shuttle for you.

Playa Yankee
Most of the surfers who come for a short period do not go to this beach and it's a shame, it is a beautiful beach, with good waves, quiet, and a good atmosphere, it is recommended the
only difficulty is getting to the beach, this beach is not popular among the shuttles, but it is recommended to try to go there and see what it is all about.

There are shuttles to most of the beaches going back and forth every day,
the shuttles can be ordered at the reception desks in the hostels where you sleep.

Also here are some more great beaches for surfing:

Playa El Ramanzo.

Playa Marcela.

Playa Popoyo.

It is very useful to find out at the reception the hours of the shuttles and their cost.