San Juan Del Sur San Juan Del Sur

HOLA for a small tourist town, a town full of life, lively, close to beautiful beaches, a source of departure for various attractions.

The climate in Nicaragua is warm and comfortable to travel here all year round.

In the months of May to November there is an increase in the rains of Atana Zet, we call it the rainy Atana.
How much will the rain bother? The rain in this area comes for short periods, usually in the afternoon hours.
There can be whole days without rain at all and there can be a whole week where you will encounter rain at times.

All in all, traveling in the rainy season here is a different experience, it's an experience where everything around is green and growing, and a good atmosphere.

San Juan is the southernmost town of Nicaragua and the closest to the border with Costa Rica
That's why you should plan a route that will be your last destination before moving to Costa Rica or alternatively start your trip there.

Attractions in the area

Surfing on waves
sea ​​turtles
Beautiful views
Water sports such as bananas and tubes

Accommodation in the town

ROYAL CHATEAU HOTEL - A hotel with a homely and warm atmosphere, hot water in the showers, air conditioning in the rooms, a kitchen for public service, which is managed by a local who loves Israelis very much, the hotel is located next to the Chabad house.
Rooms can be booked through Booking or directly through the hotel manager +505 8353 6826

There are a lot of other hostels, so if there is no room in one of the hostels you want, God's help, you will always have a place to sleep.

Class hotels in our area are:


There are of course apartments for rent through AIRBNB or through BOOKING


There are kosher restaurants, a meat restaurant called JERUSALEM adjacent to the Chabad house with a variety of vegetarian and meaty fur food, there is a dairy restaurant called ALMA CAFE Y RESTORANTE which the Chabad house gives a supervisory name.


There is a large supermarket called PALI that has both products and fruits and vegetables, the PALI supermarket is outside the town center but really not far.
About a ten minute walk from the town center or a few minutes by taxi.

There are several other containers in the town center with many kosher things in containers called SANCHEZ.
They bring a lot of products from the capital city and sell them here, so you can find well-known and kosher American things

Street market
In the center of the town there is a small market that mainly sells vegetables and household goods, you can also find souvenir shops, clothes, cell phone protectors and more.

Attractions and what to do in S. Juan and the area?

- Beach 3 minutes walk from ROYAL CHATEAU HOTEL.
The beach itself is very beautiful with rare sunsets.
There are many fishing boats anchored on the beach itself, therefore there are those who prefer not to bathe on this beach, there are other beaches within a taxi/shuttle ride distance, some of which have an entrance fee and some of which do not.
Very beautiful beaches and the surfers we built will really enjoy it.

The surfing beaches in the area are mainly
Playa Madras
Playa Armosa
Playa Yankee
Shuttles go back and forth to most beaches every day
The shuttles can be ordered at the reception desks in the hostels where you sleep
It is very useful to find out at the reception the hours of the shuttles and their cost.

Every Monday the Chabad house has a Shakshuka evening.
A consolidating and special evening, with delicious food and a fun

Every Thursday there is a bottomless hummus evening at the Chabad house
With an amazing atmosphere, songs, and preparations for receiving Shabbat.
To register click here

Shabbat meals are the most exciting moments of the week.
All the Jews in the area sit in one place around well-prepared tables, and connect to the Jewish tradition with a smile and love.
Pampering Shabbat meals are held at Beit Chaved
To register for the upcoming Saturday, click here

Usually the route is that from here you continue to see all the beauty of the country
The route that many Israelis take after S. Juan del Sur is:
from asia
Laguna de Apoyo
Corn Island The Corn Islands

Withdrawing money/ATMs
Fee-free visa = purple ATM at the big Super Express
MasterCard without fee = BAC

Washing is recommended. Juan
*There is one in front of the Chabad house called Sonia laundry, she is perfectly fine.

*There is one in front of Kesa Oro who loves Israelis - there is an Israeli flag there, you can see it from afar.

If you want a good laundromat with a dryer and a good smell (a little more expensive than the rest) there is gabis laundry very close to the Royal Chateau.


Bass gym. Juan del Sur.

1. Right next to the Royal Chateau Hotel, half a block uphill, to the opposite direction from the sea. Fight Club Gym

2. Another gym is adjacent to the Dockside store opposite the Gymsito sea

3. A new, beautiful, air-conditioned gym. Move Viva Fitness

In gyms you can pay a one-time entrance fee or make a subscription even for a short time, full details at the reception.