This is the most beautiful city in Nicaragua according to many and perhaps also the most beautiful in Central America, a charming colonial city and as soon as you land here you will fall in love with it at first sight.
The buildings and architecture in the city give it a unique look that you will not forget, those who come for two or three days stay for a week or two...
There are many attractions around the city and travelers with energy will find themselves passing from one thing to another, but even a walk in the city can be better than anything.
The forests around and the beautiful nature is something you should not miss, especially the Laguna de Apuyo - a lake located in the crater of a volcano. The surrounding cities are also interesting and you should visit Masaya.

Granada has excellent hostels for backpackers, here are some recommendations:

Bearded monkey
is an excellent and recommended hostel that is considered one of the most popular in the country, the atmosphere here is excellent! in a beautiful location.
The price for dorms is 6 dollars, the conditions are excellent, large rooms, good staff who will help with everything and also give information about attractions.
There is also delicious food, free internet and bicycle rental. The place was highly recommended by travelers.
Address: calle 14 de septiembre
Phone: 5524028 505

Buses to Managua are very frequent - 45 minutes, please note that there are buses that reach several parts of Managua, and most of them also stop on the way in Masaya.
Pueblos Blancos - half an hour.
Masaya - forty minutes.
Khinotpa - forty minutes.
Rivas - 1:20 p.m.
To get to Sapoa (the border with Costa Rica) you have to drive through Rivas.

There is a sailing route that goes from Granada to the border town of San Carlos and vice versa, the route is like this after 4 hours we stop in Altagracia,
from there we continue to Morito for another 4 hours, from Morito we continue to San Miguelito for another 3 hours and from there to San Carlos for another 3 hours, a total of 14 Sailing hours.
Perhaps you should take advantage of the destinations on the way to cut the sailing and to visit Isla de Umtapa (get off at Altagracia).
The sailing from Granada departs on Mondays and Thursdays, the reverse sailing departs on Tuesdays and Fridays

This place is located outside of Juan del Sur

This place is located outside of Juan Del Sur