This is a nature reserve and it has a volcano, on its slopes there is unique vegetation and many animals, it is said that this is one of the best places to grow coffee in Central America, there is a research station here that oversees the place, the entrance to the reserve costs 9 dollars and there is also an option to sleep at the station itself, check the place .
Those looking for adrenaline can do Canopy - Omega over the tops of the forest, the length of the route is about 1.7 km. The name of the company is canopy tours.
The site is really big and there are something like 14 cables stretched between the tall trees of the reserve, one of the guides will join and take pictures of you as you surf.
The city from which you go to the reserve is Granada, you can also get here from Maribas by taxi.

This place is located outside of Juan del Sur

This place is located outside of Juan Del Sur