Volcan Masaya National Park Parque Nacional Volcan Masaya
In this park located near the city there are two volcanoes - Masaya and Nindri, which have several craters, in the active Santiago crater you will be impressed by the amount of smoke that is emitted, a beautiful sight.
There are several trails and lookouts, some of which are blocked due to earthquakes that made the trails unstable.
From the summit of the Masaya volcano you can get an impression of an amazing view of the area, black and brown mountains, a white crater and large areas of green forest spread around, the height here is 635 m. There is also a view of the lagoon, ask one of the park workers if you come across them, the view is beautiful - you see the lake and the other mouth of the mountain, full of large birds circling above and nesting among the surrounding trees.
Entrance to the park costs about 70 Córdobas. You can get here independently from Masaya with a bus (those going to Managua) that will stop you at the entrance where you can get a map and explanations, further on there is the museum and the dedicated visitor center that is full of interesting information about the volcanoes in Nicaragua and also about animals and nature, from there you will have to manage because there is no transportation inside the park. It is recommended to get here early in the morning.

This place is located outside of Juan Del Sur