Umatepa is the pearl of Nicaragua, it is an amazingly beautiful island, formed by 2 volcanoes that erupted and as a result of the lava joined. It is located in Lake Nicaragua, and it is considered one of the largest islands in the world.

It fascinates every traveler who comes to it and lets them enjoy its charms. Anyone who wants a bit of peace, quiet and peace, Umtapa is the right place for that!

On the island you can find beautiful and isolated beaches, nice trips, antiquities and nature reserves.
The island is divided into a number of towns, of which there are 2 exchanges, the town of Moyogalpa which is on one side of the island, has shops, laundries, and actually has the only bank (ATM) on the island.

The second main town is Altagracia , which is on the other side of the island, where you can find antiquities and a museum. In the other towns you can find nature reserves and nice beaches.

Arrival at Umtapa

Umatepa Island in Nicaragua can be reached by ferries departing from the town of San Jorge, which is close to the town of Rives.

Rivas - the most recommended way. About 60 minutes by ferry.
Getting to Rivas by bus from the following destinations:
Managua - about 2 hours drive
Granada - about 1 hour
San Juan del Sur - about 1 hour
The Rivas bus station is in the local market.

to leave the anchorage of Umtapa Island.

This place is located outside of Juan Del Sur