With the Latin name islas del maiz they are a real paradise in the Caribbean! Everything you imagine about real Caribbean islands is here and the best thing is that the industrial tourism of the big hotels has not arrived here yet. The water here is crystal clear with wonderful blue colors, the sand is white, beautiful palm trees everywhere and especially quiet and calm. The place is excellent for diving and snorkeling and is full of fish and sea animals.
It is about two islands, the first is Big Korn, as its name suggests, a large beautiful island where most of the local residents live who belong to the African Caribbean population, descendants of slaves who maintain a Jamaican culture of Rastafarians, very nice people whose longevity is slowly run to the rhythm of reggae and hip hop.
You will arrive here by boat from Bluefields or by flight from the mainland. You can get around by taxi which costs about a dollar each way.

The second island is Little Ray or in its real name la isleta, an island smaller and even more isolated than its big brother, which gives it charm and uniqueness, a simply charming place, the kind of places that later seem like a good dream...
the island can be surrounded in about two hours by walking and its beaches are beautiful, the center of the island It is a tangled and green jungle. The accommodations on the island are excellent but there is a problem with food, it is simply expensive. You can buy food from the Chabad house.

Accommodation on the islands is quite expensive compared to hostels in Nicaragua itself.
In Big Korn:

Hotel Bellavista
Hotel owned by an elderly couple from Italy and run by them at home. Giorgio the owner is a kind guy and takes care of everything you need. The rooms are excellent and in really new and clean condition located on the sea and not in the city, adjacent to the Ferraiso hotel. The prices in the hotel are lower than the rest of the city and the rooms are in much better condition and nicer compared to what you pay.

Guest House Ruppie
is a nice hostel with reasonable rooms. The place is popular among travelers, and the prices are relatively cheap for the island.
From a place in Brig Bay near the airport.
Phone: 2855162

Picnic Center Hotel
is a bit expensive place but the value is full, the rooms are really high quality and the atmosphere is excellent,
located on one of the beautiful beaches in Big Korn.

In Little Korn:

Derrick's Place
is a very popular place for travelers, the place is on the beach with elevated cabins, the price per night is from 6 dollars per person.
And it's just a pleasure to lie here in the hammock or on the grass.
Every evening they light a bonfire together.

is another good place with cabins on the beach, the price is about $6 per night or $30 per cabin.

Casa Iguana
This hotel is located on a cliff with an amazing view and there are several types of cabins here that are usually occupied, so you need to book a room from Rad before arriving at the islands.

Transportation and orientation
The passage between the islands is done by boat taxi and takes about half an hour.
You can get here by boat from Bluefields, which is about 70 kilometers from here, but the voyage is long and takes about 5 hours and is not really recommended for those who are sensitive to seasickness. La costena
flights depart from Managua very frequently and you can buy a round trip ticket for around 100 dollars (depending on the season), there is a stop in Bluefields on the way and those who board the flight from Bluefields will pay less (almost half the price)