Rivas, which has close to 30,000 inhabitants, is a city that does not have much interest except for being a transportation hub for travelers
coming from Costa Rica and elsewhere and for visitors to the fishing town of San Juan del Sur and Isla Umtapa. Since there are no ways to withdraw money or tip trolls in these places, the city also serves as a good base for arrangements.
Transportation and orientation
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, as in any self-respecting city, Rivas also stuck the central station near the market. There are buses or service taxis from here:
Managua - two and a half hours.
Granada - an hour and a half.
San Juan del Sur - 40 minutes.
Sapoa (border with Costa Rica) - 45 minutes.
At the border you may have problems if you don't have an exit ticket from Costa Rica (not just a flight), so it is recommended
to buy a return ticket from Costa Rica at cafe estilo libre as well, check the place, the employees are nice and will help you with the little trick...

Passengers to Isla Umatepa need to get to San Jorge and from there take a ferry, buses to San Jorge which is right next to Rivas can be taken from a gas station on the highway.

This place is located outside of Juan del Sur

This place is located outside of Juan Del Sur