There are only a few places in the world that still produce impressive and beautiful pottery in special colors, all 100% handmade .

One of these places can be seen here in Nicaragua.

The place is called S. Juan de Oriente , where men and women sit and make all the tools you will see there, completely and beautifully by hand.

Plates, cups, and pots are produced there, up to figures of animals of huge sizes.

You will arrive in the area and they will immediately invite you to enter one of the houses or one of the businesses where they make the dishes themselves, an amazing experience.

Very suitable for families as well .
Many times they agree that the visitors will try to make pottery as well, try to ask them it is definitely special

The town also has a view of the Laguna de Apuyo , an amazing view, you can make a food stop there, or just sit in front of a beautiful view.

In addition, Ira produces and sells many things made of bamboo, lamps, carpets, and even bamboo hammocks.
It is recommended to go through these stores as well

This place is located outside of Juan Del Sur