A beautiful nature reserve and not touristed at all, it is a pristine and beautiful rainforest.
The base for going to the reserve is the city of Chinandega, take a guide from there (recommended via Intor) for 20 dollars, travel with the guide to the town of Potosi (the starting point for climbing the mountain) the trip takes between 3 and 4 hours on an annoying muddy road. In Potosi you can have lunch in a kind of cafeteria which is also the bus station. The first night is spent in a family's house in the area and the next morning we go to the mountain together with another companion in addition to the guide.
You slowly enter a forest, a forest full of trees and green bushes, within a few minutes you will already feel the heat and a lot of humidity that will make you sweat quickly... Continue deep into the forest and the walk becomes magical - all kinds of trees - tall, big, some of them have special fruits that are loved by The parrots here, some of them have ferns and long, curly branches.
You will likely see lots of butterflies in a variety of colors. After 3 hours of walking, you suddenly reach an area where the bushes change and become lower, you feel a good breeze, and then an amazing view of the Vim valley unfolds before you - a huge and beautiful area full of colors. Continue a little further to the top, from there you will see a lovely view of a huge crater of the Cosigoina volcano, and in the center below at a distance of about 500 m height - a huge green lake!
The view from above is different from the view from the side, you can see Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua and the Pacific Ocean, a spectacular 360 degree view.
From there we go back and it starts to get dark and we see fireflies on the way, we go back to sleep at the family house (really simple conditions).
Get up very early to catch the 5 am bus which usually arrives at 6 am.

This place is located outside of Juan Del Sur